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Create Consistent Cash Flow with Profit First for Tradies

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Feeling the Pressure?

Many tradies struggle to maintain healthy cash flow even though their business is doing really well. 

Are You Concerned About:

• Cash flow improvement        • Poor money mindset

• Tax issues - ATO                     • Family stress

• Money management             • Loss of energy    


I understand the tremendous pressure tradies feel as they try to juggle running their business, hiring staff all whist attempting to support their family. 

Tradies are great at their trade but have never been shown how to understand the numbers side of their business in a simple and easy way making your financials the last thing you want to deal with at the end of the day.

As a certified Profit First Coach and someone who's grown up in a Tradie family and with Tradie friends I help you find not only what the problem is but also how you can fix it.

By using the Profit First Method we support you in learning more about the numbers of your business without being overwhelmed to the point where it only causes you more stress instead of solving the problem.


Buy Profit First for Tradies HERE Now

Life is Too Short to Stress About Cash Flow

Not knowing when your invoices will be paid so you can pay your bills let alone yourself is not fun.

Don't spend your life waiting for others to determine when you can pay your bills.

You deserve to have control of your money.

Let Profit First help you pay your bills on time, pay yourself a wage and help your business make a profit your get to keep.

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At Profit First for Tradies

We have helped many Tradies, just like you, organise your finances so you can enjoy the lifestyle you deserve. Imagine what you could do if you weren't wasting your time worrying about cash flow.

What Clients Are Saying…

'Thank You. Why I waited so long to reach out for help I will never know. I thought I could do it myself and I started off ok but lost motivation to finish setting up Profit First in my business. Working with Katie ment I had clear directions on what I needed to do and when I needed to do it. Katie made it so much more efficient and far less stressful. Profit First has turned my business around and before working with Katie on Profit First I was really worried that maybe I had left my run too late'. Jack - Profit First for Tradies Coaching client

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